Ephrata Community Church, in cooperation with Evangelical Seminary, is pleased to offer the Institute for Christian Learning, a series of courses providing spiritual enrichment and leadership development. The ICL is available to everyone no matter what faith community you attend, and there are no educational prerequisites.

Each course is taught by a seminary-trained instructor and represents an abridged version of a course taught at Evangelical Seminary. While they do not count for graduate school credit, a student who completes all twelve courses will receive an ICL Certificate, and can submit a portfolio of work to Evangelical Seminary to be considered for advanced standing when applying for one of its accredited degrees (offering you exemption from between 6–12 credits of coursework). These courses are also available to be taken individually.


Spring: New Testament Survey // Theology 1: The God who Reaches
Fall: Culture Making: Unlocking the Church's Creative Mission // Theology 2 

Spring: The Gospels // Introduction to Counseling
Fall: Leadership & Influence // The History of Christianity

Spring: Apologetics // Hermeneutics
Old Testament Survey // Discipleship: Streams of Spiritual Formation



Instructor: Dan Gulnac

Four Wednesday Evenings | 6:30–9:00 p.m. | February 14–March 6

Theology 1 | The god who reaches

Instructor: Tim Valentino

Four Wednesday Evenings | 6:30–9:00 p.m. | March 13–April 3



How much does it cost to enroll in a course?
Each course is $100 to enroll. Credit for each course is available if coursework is completed.

Can I enroll in one course or do I need to commit to all 12?
You are welcome to enroll in any individual courses that you would like to and do not need to commit to doing all 12.

What is the workload expectation?
Typically the student will need to complete the reading of one average size text book and a few articles during the course period. Additionally, the student will need to complete online assignments that can total between 1-2 hours per week, depending on the student’s pace. For those taking the course towards a certificate, the readings, online discussions, and a short final paper will be required. Auditors are highly encouraged to keep up with the readings.

What if I was never great at academics or haven’t done any academic work in years?
Then the ICL is perfect for you! These courses have been designed for those who are reentering the activity of studying while at the same time being able to challenge those who are looking to go to the next level.

Where are these courses held?
All ICL courses are held at Ephrata Community Church.

Will I be able to use these credits to pursue a degree?
Yes! In partnership with Kairos University, the credits earned from ICL courses can provide an opportunity for exemption of between 6-12 credits of coursework depending on which degree program you apply for.

Do you have another question? Please email ICL@ephratacommunity.church or call us at 717.733.4071.